Best Day Ever Stamp Set


Whether it’s a lazy, lingering day by the pool or a weekend getaway to a beachy cottage, or maybe just lunch with a dear old friend, this clear stamp set celebrates the sunniest moments in life! Three focal images and 9 sentiments for you to create a whole bunch of fun cards! One vignette has the essentials for precious downtime: a juicy novel, sunglasses, saucy sunhat, and you know you have to have a dashing scarf to complete the ensemble! Then a flirty pair of flower-topped flip-flops helps tell a friend you think she’s flippin’ fantastic. A vintage camera and the keys to a weekend of fun hang from a retro star hook to help your card get into a vacation state of mind. After all, it’s always a beautiful day for a beautiful day, if you decide to make it one. :)

Illustrated with a whole lotta love by Marcella Hawley.

Read the inspiration behind this set HERE.

Overall canvas is 4 x 6". Includes all 12 images shown. Manufactured in the good ol' USA.

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