Cheerful Columbine Stamp Set

What happens when you pop a few cheerful Columbine blooms into a polka-dotted teacup? Well, it’s pretty much the stamping equivalent of a boost of high-beam sunshine, dear ones. Columbine come in nearly every shade under the rainbow, and you can put that claim to the test with your very own markers, watercolors, and colored pencils, now can't you! I’ve included a baby robin to bring a bit of chirpy life to the scene, along with an egg, because, well, eggs. They're precious little gifts of life and their shells tell a story. How will you speckle and shade that little egg? Soothing, good vibe-flowing sentiments round out this large-scale set, each is ideal for the inside of the card, or deftly placed on the front.

All is well. Stamp it, know it, live it. Then pass it on.

This super-deluxe photopolymer clear stamp set includes all 6 images shown. Illustrated with beams of radiant sunshine streaming across the drawing table of Marcella Hawley.

Overall canvas is 4 x 6". Manufactured in the good ol' USA.

Find the digital version of this image in Cup of Columbine.

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