Natural Beauties Stamp Set

A fresh stamp set with lush borders featuring the spring favorites Tulips, Daffodils, and Primroses (these are breezy Cowslips). A selection of sweet woodland stamps will work together to combine a natural border and are just as lovely used on their own. You’ll find surprising single stamps of Trillium (also known as Wake Robin), Starflower, and Lily of the Valley, plus tiny toadstools. Three sentiments are great for those “just wanted to say ‘hi’” moments.

This super-deluxe photopolymer clear stamp set includes 8 images, illustrated with the inner glow of daffodil love by Marcella Hawley.

Overall canvas is 4 x 6". Manufactured in the good ol' USA.

These images are available as digital downloads here:
Spring Border One
Spring Border Two

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