Big Scripts Stamp Set

It's not all curliques and loop-de-loops for this lady—and it shouldn’t be that way for anybody! Here’s a handpainted, brushstrokey, rustic lettering style that adds a hand-hewn touch to your cards and projects. You’ll use these six large brushscript sentiments all the time! On their own, any of these can be the main attraction, as they are in fact rather "big". (Congrats is 2.875" wide) Or pair ’em with one of my botanicals for an unexpected juxtaposition! You show US how you think they could be used. “I wanna see you be brave.”

Illustrated with a whole lotta love by Marcella Hawley!

This super-deluxe photopolymer clear stamp set includes 7 images.

Overall canvas is 4 x 6". Manufactured in the good ol' USA.

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