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Unabashedly upbeat. That’s pretty much the spirit ’round here.


Power Poppy: Designs for Living in Full Bloom  By sharing positivity and inspiration through my illustrations and somewhat starry-eyed take on life, I hope to help others take charge of their happiness and embrace their artistic sides. You might create a unique card with my clear polymer stamps or digital downloads, find some zenlike downtime coloring, plant a new flower, try a road trip, or discover a catchy song. The bottom line is: You can do it.

Power Poppy appreciates the small moments of life just as much as the milestones, the inspiration you can find anywhere and everywhere. We want to soak in goodness and give back more goodness. With help from incredible friends and mentors, my sweet and encouraging family, I created Power Poppy in 2014, and it’s been nonstop excitement ever since. I hope you’ll come along to see what good we can do and what creative, courageous, colorful fun we can have.

A heartfelt thank you and high fives to the amazing group of women who help us spread the good vibes about Power Poppy. Through their awesome artistry and big hearts, they bring my designs into full bloom. Our premier design team is the Bloom Brigade and they introduce our clear stamps in imaginative ways that spark creativity!


About Marcella Hawley  I got my start illustrating plants as a teenager in my parents’ garden. My mother and muse, Susan, herself a painter and illustrator for Hallmark, was a constant encourager, teaching me about color, design, antiques, horticulture, and Motown. Smitten with skateboarding and music, I learned to skate, got caught up drawing cartoons, photographing the action, designing a skate ’zine with my best friend, soaking up California style by way of magazines, and working in a record store.
I got a BFA degree in Graphic Design from University of Illinois, and went on to design and illustrate the catalogs for Klehm Nursery, a premier supplier of rare plants and specialty perennials. After my catalog landed on the desk of the Art Director of Martha Stewart Living magazine, I was offered a job as her assistant in NYC (I may or may not have fainted, as I had been a huge fan). I worked alongside Martha’s visionary team of creatives, designers, writers, gardeners, and stylists.

A Midwestern gal at heart, I later returned to my happy place in the middle of the country, and after launching a freelance design and botanical illustration business, was plucked out again to be the art director for Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion start-up in St. Louis. Ten years of passionate magazine designing/decorating/crafting/cooking/styling and working with my illustration idol, Mary Engelbreit, followed.
After the birth of my two kids, Lulu and Finn, I started my own design/branding company, Marcella Hawley Creative LLC, working on projects from local to global with equal enthusiasm. I am now married to the love of my life, Doug, step-mom to two rad step-daughters, have my own two wonderful teenagers, a Corgi named Tibbs, and Crema di Espresso the Tortie cat. There are gardens to tend, gourmet meals to cook, exercising to do, kids to drive around, trails to explore, and a home to decorate.
It is from this jam-packed, already-not-enough-hours-in-the-day lifestyle that Power Poppy was born. So, here we are. Let’s make some stamps!!!

P.S. Upbeatness is always balanced with downtime. After writing this, I think I have to take a quick nap. No shame in that game. Peace and love to all,

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