Heart Abloom Digital Stamp Set

Color Stories is an exciting new theme for Marcella’s 2018 Instant Garden illustrations. Each month we’ll bring you a new Color Story digi, whether it's monochromatic or an interesting pairing, aimed to deepen your experience working with color values and pretty palettes.

A tapestry of spring flowers fill a large, lush heart shape in this Color Story adventure! The flowers for this heart were expressly chosen to celebrate yellows, greens, blues, and purples. We have Daffodils and Narcissus, a myriad of single and double Hellebores, Trout Lilies, and then the surprise guest: Blueberries! Now, here’s the thing. Blueberries ripening on the vine start out a very pale greenish-white. The same stem can carry a multitude of berries in shades of white, pink, chartreuse, light and dark blue. Hellebores are cross-pollinated to create loads of color combinations. So, whether you take this Color Story into cool territory with green, blue, deep purple, and white, or something warmer with rosy-blushes, yellows, and peachy tones, you are pretty much going to end up with a masterpiece! 

OF COURSE, my dears, you can always color the illustration however your heart desires! We have absolutely ZERO rules here. I do request that no matter which colors you reach for, that you switch into your CAN-DO growth mindset, expand your skills, and push your coloring boundaries! YOU HAVE TOTALLY GOT THIS.

Illustrated with a whole lotta love and in the voice of a motivational speaker by Marcella Hawley.


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PLEASE NOTE: These images are digital files that you download and print from your computer. This is not a traditional clear polymer stamp set. Images are intended for the crafter’s personal, handmade creations, or for small-batch handmade items for resale with a credit to Power Poppy. Digital downloads are not returnable.

~The Management

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